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Nighthawks Baseball is an organization committed to providing a high-quality baseball program to the youth of Fremont and surrounding communities. We could not exist without your support in the form of team sponsorships, donations or volunteering. Team sponsorships allow us to keep player fees one of the lowest in the surrounding area.  Nighthawks use sponsor's contributions to help defray the cost of running this organization.  Without our sponsors, Nighthawks could not maintain the level of quality and availability of our program.  Nighthawks have sought to reach out to businesses, organizations and institutions such as yours.  Nighthawks do not pay their coaches and relies on the personal and financial donations of the members of our community to help mold our youth.  

To become a sponsor or if you need additional information, please contact us via email at:

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Tuesday June 25, 2019
11:00 AMOpen Field - FHS Softball Team
Schilke cage (outdoor)
11:00 AMOpen Field - FHS Softball Team
Schilke - Chaplains
06:00 PMNighthawks - 9AA - Norfolk Steel 9U
Ta Ha Zooka
06:00 PMRunza - 12U - 12U Elkhorn Wageman
Manchester Elementary, OMAHA
06:00 PMElkhorn Gnomes - IC&E - Power 13U
06:00 PMpractice - Nighthawks - 10AA
Schilke cage (outdoor)
06:00 PMMillard United Battle Blue - AAA - Nighthawks - 13AAA
Schilke - Nighthawks
06:30 PM12U Arlington - Fremont Force Wilmer - 12U
Schilke - Veterans
06:30 PMFremont Force Hanson - 16/18U - Fremont Force Cornett - 16/18U
Schilke - Chaplains
06:30 PMJuice Stop - 16U - Getzschman Heating & Plumbing - 16U
Memorial #2
07:00 PMNighthawks - 12AA - NBA Titans
07:00 PMpractice - Nighthawks - 13A
Schilke cage (outdoor)
08:00 PMFremont Force Cornett - 16/18U - Fremont Force Hanson - 16/18U
Schilke - Chaplains
08:00 PMYutan TD2 - IC&E - Power 13U
08:00 PMMillard United Battle Blue - AAA - Nighthawks - 13AAA
Schilke - Nighthawks