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Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for responding to email. Don't expect a reply if the answer is availble on this site. If filing a complaint or concern include your full name and a phone number where you can be reached.

Check the News on the home page before emailing.

A few FAQ's:

  • Ladyhawks, Colts and Open Baseball registration begins in February and runs through the first week of March.
  • Registration is CLOSED when maximum team numbers/players are met. Check the News on the home page for registration information.
  • Parential participation is required. Programs may be cancelled if no one volunteers.
  • Tryouts for Select programs are in the summer after the season over.
  • Tryouts are determined by postion needs and player numbers. Not all ages have tryouts.
  • Information about the programs are to the left.
  • Consideration for the selection of coaches are: Knowledge of the game, Handling of players and parents, Decorum on the field, Complaints or concerns.
  • Coaching candidates will be removed from consideration if there is question over the likelihood of their child making a team.

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Wednesday May 22, 2019
06:00 PMBlair Cubs (Black) - Nighthawks - 12AA
Schilke - Nighthawks
06:30 PM10U Yutan #2 - Fremont Force Owsley - 10U
Memorial #2
06:30 PMPractice - Promedcare - Power 11U
Schilke cage (outdoor)
06:30 PM16U Yutan - Fremont Force Swanson - 16/18U
Schilke - Chaplains
06:30 PMColumbus - Fremont Force 8U
06:30 PMDairy Queen - 10U - B&K Body Shop - 10U
Memorial #1
06:30 PM12U Elkhorn Rowe - Runza - 12U
Schilke - Veterans
07:00 PMpractice - Getzschman Heating & Plumbing - 14/16U
08:00 PMElkhorn White Sox - Promedcare - Power 11U
Schilke - Nighthawks
08:00 PM16U Yutan - Fremont Force Cornett - 16/18U
Schilke - Chaplains
08:00 PMColumbus - Fremont Force 10U - Bixby
08:00 PM10U Yutan #1 - Fremont Force Owsley - 10U
Memorial #2
08:00 PMGetzschman Heating & Plumbing - 10U - Mooney Insurance - 10U
Memorial #1